Price List

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Visiting Website

Has two tabs (main page + any topic chosen by the customer)

Price – 700 PLN

As for the prices of more extensive websites with tabs, each next tab is the price of

300 PLN

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Website +

For larger orders where there are more than 12 bets discounts are provided.. Individual pricing.

Each page is responsive and has an administration panel. The price includes the possibility of buying a domain and adjusting it on our server.

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Online Stores

Online stores priced individually depending on their functionality.

  • The server price after a year of usage is 160 PLN
  • Domain 100 PLN

The positioning of a website depends on the competitions, assignment and the number of simultaneously purchased phrases. We charge our client for the result of our work.

The charge applies to visiting the website during 1 entire month under the selected phrase in Google top 10.